The first thought that most people think when they learn that I’m a ball girl for a professional baseball team is, “Oh wow that’s so cool, you’re like famous!”. In some sense I guess you can say that “I’m famous”, but only when I put on the ball girl uniform. Depending on how you look at it, the ball girl title is either overrated or underrated. For example, we are announced before every game that we work which includes our first and last name, where we are from, and where we played college softball at. For us ball girls that is something we can all agree on that is overrated. None of the fans actually pay attention to us when are being announced, so why put us in front of the camera for no reason. Then you have the typical middle aged man that never made it out of Junior Varsity level baseball that sits and watches us throw and likes to chip in his kind words of “I can do that”. Either we throw like girls or it’s blown out of proportion and I find myself signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the job.

The typical ball girl job consists of throwing with the outfielders between innings and stopping any foul balls that might come our way. We do get to wear the exact same uniform as the players, and sit on the field during the games. The job is amazing to say the least.

The best part is seeing little girls in the stands during the game just watching you, not watching the game, but watching me. That’s what she can relate to because it’s obvious that she isn’t going to play professional baseball and she knows that even at a young age. So they watch us, and wish to be us one day. I know this because I was that girl. I can be accused of giving a little girl a foul ball rather than a man, because that little girl will always have something she can take away from baseball. A little boy will grow up to play baseball and could even make it to the majors, a little girl gets that foul ball and if she is anything like me, she hangs onto that ball for years and years. It doesn’t even matter who hit that ball but she becomes a forever fan because of that rush she got when she received the ball.

After the little girls, my next favorite thing is the interaction with the players. You learn which players you like and which you don’t. Mainly outfielders because those are the ones you’re in constant contact with. You learn what teams you like and don’t like, and the same goes for coaches. We only get to talk to the players on the field and pass them in the tunnel but just being around them, in their element, you learn which ones are genuine and which ones are full of themselves, and quickly learn which ones you want to throw with and which ones you don’t. There aren’t any negatives to this job at all, I mean how can you go wrong. You not only get to sit on the field, but you get paid to do it, you get to throw and talk with professional athletes and get to act like it’s no big deal while screaming on the inside. So lets be real here, what girl doesn’t want to be a Ball Girl.

-Jocelyn Woolf